Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cut Tari tells all about sex tape

JUST like a good sinetron (Indonesian drama), the "Peterporn" sex scandal has reached its climax with Cut Tari contradicting her ex-boyfriend, Ariel's statement, saying she bedded him after she got married to Johannes Yusuf Subrata!
"But I did not give him (Ariel) permission to videotape our bedroom exercise," the disgraced actress/TV presenter claimed.
"In fact, I pushed his hand away while he tried to record it with his mobile phone camera. He did keep his phone away. So I didn't know how he managed to record it."

Cut revealed that they had sex some time between 2004 - 2005, a year after she married Yusuf.

Playing the role of understanding husband, Yusuf said, "I forgive Cut for what she's done in the past. Everyone makes mistakes. But I'm proud of my wife for having the courage to own up to her own mistakes."
But Ariel, as we all know by now, has denied that he was Mr Lover Lover in the sex video.
And since there was no anti-pornography law in Indonesia circa that time, civil law-makers say there is a great possibility that Cut, Luna Maya and Ariel (if he's found guilty) might escape punishment unless the government decides to press charges based on Islamic syariah law, which is not fully practised in Indonesia.

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